How To Order Car Badges

STEP 1: Choose a Design

We need to know:

1. The size of the badges you want. 3 inches round is the standard size and shape, but we can make about any size and shape, within reason. All our badges are a hefty 4mm unless another thickness is requested.

2. The preferred method of mounting the badge on the car. Bolt onto the grille with our hardware or firmly affixed elsewhere on any flat surface with our 3M automotive adhesive. (Should you ever wish to remove the badge that is mounted with 3M two sided tape, simply soften the adhesive with WD-40  and work a piece of Dental Floss behind the badge. The finish behind the badge will be unharmed.)

3. The colors you prefer. (Choose up to four colors without an additional charge.)


If your club does not have a logo, our artists can help you design one for your approval at no charge. We can make almost any size and shape you choose. Just give us a few of your ideas and some details of what you want and we will take it from there; all with your approval, of course.

4. A slab of modeling clay is pressed against the negative. This creates an imprint of the final product. (Photo Below)